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Simple hygiene steps can avert conjunctivitis 

[PHP Vol 1 Issue 2 Feb 2011] | Have you ever got pink eyes? Itchiness or irritation in the eyes? Inflammation of the lining of the white part of the eyes and the underside of the eyelid? If yes, then you have got conjunctivitis. Besides these, it shows different symptoms that can be easily isolated a single person like watery nose, eye pain, eye swelling, sticky and yellow discharge, sensitivity to light, dryness, blurred vision and fever. It is a type of eye infection that is highly contagious. Pink eyes, itchiness and inflammation or redness of the lining of white part of the eyes coupled with conjunctiva happen to everyone at one time or other. 

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A child taking polio vaccine

Poliomyelitis eradication: Is enough being done in Nepal?

[PHP Nepal Vol 1 Issue 2 Feb 2011] | In the recent past, Department of Health Services (DoHS) has admitted that polio, “the eradication of which has been postponed four times, has now started spreading more dangerously.” This shows that not enough has been done to eradicate poliomyelitis from Nepal. However, Nepal remained polio free throughout 2009. Routine immunization coverage with Oral Polio Vaccine (OPV3) was greater than 80%. National immunization days covered was greater than 90% of the targeted population in both the rounds in all 75 districts, and all major Acute Flaccid Paralysis (AFP) surveillance indicators were achieved. 

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Be acquainted with cold

[PHP Vol 1 Issue 1 Jan 2011] | Winter storms and cold temperatures can be hazardous. But if you plan ahead, you can stay safe and healthy. During winter, cold is the most common and life taking health problem which mostly affects people living in Upper Mountain and lower Terai areas of Nepal. Life in southern Terai has been hugely affected due to the persistent cold weather and dense fog. Many schools also have been closed in districts of these regions.

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Leprosy: a whacked out disease 

Leprosy also known as Hansen disease is a chronic infectious disease caused by Mycobacterium leprae. The disease mainly affects the skin, the peripheral nerves, mucosa of the upper respiratory tract, the eyes, and causes nerve damage, leading to muscle weakness and atrophy, and permanent disabilities. Leprosy has afflicted humanity since time immemorial.

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Public Health Perspective Nepal – A New Year A New Beginning

[PHP Nepal Vol 1 Issue 1 Jan 2011] | A New Year always deserves to have something new. Public Health Perspective Nepal (PHP Nepal) is the result of this natural practice initiated by public health students of Pokhara University, which is the first online newsletter of public health of Nepal.

Health, being the basic need, all people should have knowledge and understandings about health activities, programs, plans, interventions, diseases outbreak, medicines, laboratory, epidemiological investigations, environment, health rights, laws, and research. However, people are unaware due to the lack of efficient health information systems existing in the country. Public health students realized this information gap and planned a new resolution with the start of New Year to make people aware about these variables. Consequently, the Public Health Perspective Nepal came into being. 

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