World Pneumonia Day - 12 November 2018

World Pneumonia Day is marked every year on November 12th. This year is the 10th year of World Pneumonia Day and the theme is “Stop Pneumonia: 10 Years of Progress and the path forward”.

The World Pneumonia Day is marked every year to:

  • Raise awareness about pneumonia, the world’s leading killer of children under the age of five;
  • Promote interventions to protect against, prevent and treat pneumonia; and highlight proven approaches and solutions in need of additional resources and attention
  • Generate action, including continued donor investment, to combat pneumonia and other common, yet sometimes deadly, childhood diseases

Pneumonia is a leading cause of death for children around the world, taking more young lives than malaria, TB, HIV, Zika and Ebola combined. We can save thousands of young lives by investing in pneumonia prevention and treatment. An investment in the fight against pneumonia pays great dividends. The interventions for tackling pneumonia are integral to achieve overall child health and are needed to reach Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 3 by 2030, to reduce child mortality.

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